Publication of Secondary Law

The Open Law Ecosystem for the publication of secondary law connects sources of legal information together.

Find a NSW Barrister

In conjunction with the New South Wales Bar Association, BarNet has created the online Find a Barrister service, a system which allows people to find a barrister to suit their needs based on a number of criteria such as area of practice, years of experience, and available languages.

Find a Barrister NSW

The Victorian Sentencing Manual

The Victorian Sentencing Manual (VSM) is now powered by the JADE Platform which provides in-text links to case law and legislation, enhanced search and overview features to enhance access to information referenced in the VSM. The VSM is an example of how the JADE Platform can leverage its extensive knowledge graph to add useful information to secondary legal materials.

Read the VSM

JADE World

Using the power of the JADE platform and knowledge graph is a content aggregator that links secondary materials such as blogs and social media posts to primary legal material such as case law and legislation.