One to 100

A crowd-funded initiative to provide open access to the Commonwealth Law Reports.

One to 100 is the crowdsourced initiative to digitise the renowned Commonwealth Law Reports (CLRs). The project commenced in July of 2010 when BarNet Publishing aimed to fully digitise the first 100 copies of the CLR and to make them freely accessible through JADE.

Using specialised equipment, expert assistance from archivists and librarians, and scanning only from first editions, we have created accurate archival quality images of every page of every volume of the first 100 CLRs. Each volume has been scanned checked and corrected, including the errata pages and indices.

Though crowdsourcing is now a common practice, in 2010, this was an innovative and massive undertaking. We relied on financial and in-kind support at a time not only before fundraising infrastructure existed, but before major social media outreach was available. The successful completion of the product is a testament to the Australian legal community.

These days, the CLRs are completely digitised and available on JADE, and by doing so BarNet has established itself as being at the forefront of Australian legal technology.