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The best research tool for finding case law, legislation, and working with search results.

Researching Australian Law is demanding and time consuming. The JADE Platform has free open access and comprehensive coverage of Australian common and statute law materials.

With our easy-to-use Professional tools, you’ll get better results and keep up to date like never before. JADE Professional was designed by Australian Barristers to do what other research tools don’t.

If you spend time researching Australian legal content, JADE Professional was created for you!

Save Time. Save Money. Spend more time on your practise.

Our customers tell us that on average they SAVE 3-4 hours in research time, on each matter!

Less time researching means more time putting your research to use. JADE Professional gives you a competitive advantage:

Get straight to the information you need

Our advanced filters help you quickly and easily find what you’re looking for. Search using the most complete set of filters of any legal search engine. Our Visualisation tools reveal hidden relationships between cases and historical connections for legislation.

Instantly see what’s most important

Our citator gives you a snapshot analysis of citations made, pinpoint references and the most recent citation to the case or Act. Subsection level citation for legislation, and common-law judgements down to the paragraph, at the click of a button.

Analyse and evaluate quickly and easily

Tag and annotate a case or legislation. Upload your own document to annotate and easily capture important information with JADEmarks, and make every comment saved in your library searchable.

Access your research and documents anywhere

JADE Briefcase keeps your annotated JADE-linked research, documents and comments in one streamlined hub.

Automatically cite-check your documents

Upload any legal document into MY JADE to check for correct case or legislation citations.

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Comprehensive, quality information you can trust.

Our repository of Australian Law has over 560,000 cases and 123,000 statues from over 100 jurisdictions. JADE contains over 2.85 million pin-point citations.

Our content is quality checked by real life, human legal professionals. We’re not just algorithms.

You can be sure our information is accurate and up to date, and you’ll be the first to hear about new judgments.

Privacy assured

We are committed to protecting the privacy of our users. We use encryption to ensure all searches are anonymous. Your searches are completely private.

All of our servers are in Australia. We do not keep any personal information offshore.

For Lawyers, by Lawyers

Our team members are legally trained professionals. When you contact us, you are dealing with people who understand first-hand how demanding legal research can be, and how JADE Professional will help you.

Our team is based in Australia, and provides customised training, support and demonstrations to Enterprises and companies. Contact help@jade.io to book a session.

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